SELF in Boston

Daniel Comp Created SCOTOMAVILLE for Boston

"Why would I go through so much effort to create and curate SCOTOMAVILLE?"

"I agree with Yuval Harari and Tristan Harris, that for the first time in history 'know thyself' is no longer a luxury - it's a full-out competition. The Ai algorithms want to know your whereabouts your interests your aim and your abilities better than you do because then they can recommend your next purchase your next move your next relationship your next movie whatever it is.

"And those that can predict better than you win the game. It's a full-out competition to know thyself.

That's why I wrote SCOTOMAVILLE.


"What would be so important why would I go through all of the efforts?

"The journey starts with knowing how vulnerable you are and how easily you are bamboozled and duped and hoodwinked and long conned and gamed. There are a dozen ways that stories and emotions can be used against you and me. I've spent five decades sorting this out to find out why I do what I do. I don't want you to have to go through that and you don't have time for that.

"So if you'd like to participate by getting to know who you are and why you do what you do this is an excellent series both in a book and in video and in a workshop and with small groups online virtually.

"If you're a contributor someone who's been a champion and overcomer someone who has a story that others need to steer clear of and learn from I'm inviting you to share that story. All of us would love to learn from what you've paid a dear price for.

"So why did I write curate and create SCOTOMAVILLE? Oh, I don't want you going through what I've been through..."




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